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· Industrial Grade Vacuum Electron Beam Welding Solution.

· They are Developed for Industrial Production, Education and Research with High Welding Speed, Stable Operating Conditions and Controllable Power Parameters.

Product Description

Vacuum Electron Beam Welding System


· Vacuum welding systems without any protective gases;

· GLC series high quality electronic guns with stable performance, high flare and beam quality to ensure welding quality;

· CCD welding monitoring systems, which can ensure accurancy;

· Multiaxis operating platforms(optional), which can meed the need of welds welding on various positions;

· Options: reserved interfaces and stations on electron beam additive manufacturing, provide upgrading space;

· Multiple uses: vacuum electron beam welding, broken parts repairing, surface cladding and modifying.

Supporting Materials(untill 2020)

· Ti: TC4, TC11, etc.

· Fe: 316L, 304L, 30Cr, etc.

· Cu: Red copper, beryllium red copper(QBe2), etc.

· W, Mo, Nb, Ta and other high temperature refractory alloys.


· Size of Vacuum Chamber

2100mm×1250mm×1750mm (Customized)

· Maxium Welding Size

1000mm×800mm×400mm (Customized)

· Type (Electronic Gun)

Outdoor Fixed or Moving, or Indoor Moving (Optional)

· Recommeded Power


· Accelerating Voltage


· Electron Beam

250mA (Maximum)

· Time for Vacuumizing


· Vacuum Degree


· System Software

Simens PLC or Beckhoff

· Covering Area

About 32m2(For Reference)

* EW systems support customization. We will provide custom solutions according yourrequirements. 

* We also provide upgrade your electron beam vacuum welding systems to additive manufacturing systems, training and other technical services.

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