With the rapid development on technology, the demand of research on a number of popular majors in colleges and universities, such as new materials and intelligent manufacturing are being hot. Metal additive manufacturing technologies can provide a strong support for college users to carry out  research and daily teaching experiments on related fields. The range of forming size, opening process parameters, real-time recording for key parameters, equipment stability and operating cost are considerations of universities. Our systems can meet needs of universities and scientific research users.We will provide you with more economic, efficient and secure electron beam technology solutions.


Finished Sample---Vertical Tablets

·  Material: F316L H00Cr19Ni12Mo2

·  Size: Length × Width × Height=140mm × 4mm × 65mm

Blank---Rotary Hollowed Model

·  Material: F304

·  Size: φ180mm×200mm

·  Molding Time Length: 16 Hours

Blank---Square Box without Support

·  Material: F304

·  Size: 125mm × 125mm × 75mm

·  Molding Time Length: 4 Hours

Performance Briquette

·  Material: Tungsten Alloy

·  Size: 100mm × 30mm × 30mm

·  Molding Time Length: 2 Hours

·  Melting Point: 3410±20

·  Thermal Conductivity: 174W(m•K) (10-100)

·  Density: 19.35g/cm3

·  Diameter of Metal Wire: φ2.0mm

Refractory Metal-Molybdenum Perparation and Repairing

·  Size: Length × Height × Wall Thickness=120mm × 130mm × 11mm

·  Material: Pure Molybdenum

·  Melting Point: 2620

·  Thermal Conductivity: 138W(m•K) 


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