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· Industrial Class EBAM Solution.

· It is Developed for Industrial Applications.

· For Rapid Addtive Manufacturing on Blanks of Middle-Large Size Metal Parts.

Product Description

·  They are developed from EBVF3® technological platform with modular design and for rapid blank moulding for high value metal parts. 

·  They have stable performances with high comprehensive utilization ratio of materials. With our systems, you can shorten your developing, prodcing cycles and improve your efficiency.


·  GLC Series high quality electronic guns, which have good beam quality and flare stability to ensure the quality; 

·  ZSLICE layer slicing software. Moulding path automatic planning, which can lowering effects from thermal stress; 

·  EBVF3® platform, which ensure the same direction between moulding places and gravity;

·  CCD moulding watching system and wire-melting monitoring systeam, which can ensure moulding accurancy and reduce defects;

·  Adaptive outdoor wire feeding system with function of rapid wire switching. You can choose wire feeding system with several nozzles to realize function of FGM manufacturing; 

·  5 axis working platforms with 4 interconnected(Optional), which for rapid producing parts with complicated curved surfaces; 

·  Multiple uses. You can get functions such as additive manufacturing, welding, parts repairing, cladding and modifying.

Supporting Materials(until 2020)

·  Ti: TA2, TC4, TC11,etc. 

·  Fe: 316L, 304L, 30Cr,etc.

·  Al: 2319, 5056, SAL4011, ZL205A, 6056, ZL114A,etc. 

·  Cu: Red Copper, beryllium bronze(QBe2),etc. 

·  W, Mo, Nb, Ta and other high temperature refractory alloys.


·  Inner Size (Vacuum Chamber)  

2680mm x 3110mm x 2855mm (Customized)

·  Moulding Space 

1500mm × 2000mm×1500mm (Customized) 

·  Moulding Speed

10kg/h (Stainless Steel)(Depends on Shapes/Materials)

·  Type(Electronic Gun)

Moving Gun, In Chamber

·  Recommended Power  

15kW (Electronic Gun)

·  Accelerating Voltage

60kV (Electronic Gun)

·  Time for Vacuumizing


·  Vacuum Degree


·  Wire Feeding Forms

Indoor / Outdoor Paraxial Double Feeding Nozzles (Optional)

·  Feeding Speed Range


·  Wire Diameter 


·  Floor Space

About 64m2 (For Reference)

* ZCompleX® systems support customization. We will provide custom solutions according your requirements.