Aviation is the pearl on the crown of industry. The development on aviation industry reflects the level of comprehensive national strength. Metal additive manufacturing technologies have brought many new design ideas and manufacturing methods to us. It has remarkable progress on integration, lightweight and application of new materials. Our electron beam metal additive manufacturing technology has advantages of low operating cost, fast forming speed and good mechanical properties of parts, which are suitable for rapid manufacturing on medium and large load-bearing structural parts of aircraft. It can greatly shorten your time on design, research and development, updating and iteration, and reduce your development and production cost.


Finished Sample --- S-Type Bearing Beam

·  Material: TC4

·  Size: Length=900mm, Width=72mm


Rough---Warped Blades

·  Material: F316L H00Cr19Ni12Mo2

·  Size: Length=115mm; Height=80mm; δ=7.5,θ=15º

Finished Sample---Axle Seat

·  Metrial: Super-Strength Steel

·  Size: φ295mm/φ285mm × 44mm

Finished Sample --- T-Type Tubular

·  Material: F316L H00Cr19Ni12Mo2

·  Size: Φ1=116mm, Φ2=112mm, δ=2.4mm

Blank --- T-Type Tubular

·  Material: F316L H00Cr19Ni12Mo2

·  Size: Φ1=108mm,Φ2=93mm,δ=7.5mm


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