Aerospace industry is one of measures of comprehensive national strength. It is also consequent path for mankind to space in the future. Spacecraft system is a complex and precise system engineering. Their design, production, quality and safety requirements are extremely strict. Our technology can realize rapid molding on small, medium and large size load bearing blanks, which can greatly reduces your time and cost on research and manufacturing.


Finished Samples---High Strength Spherical Shell

·  Material: F316L H00Cr19Ni12Mo2

·  Size: Outside Diameter=195mm, Inside Diameter=190mm, δ=2.5


·  Material: 316L

·  Size: SR100/SR95

Blank---Reducing Connecting Pipes

·  Material: 316L

·  Size: φ=205mm / φ90 × δ225mm

Finished Sample---Revolved Body

·  Material: 316L

· Size: φ=256mm × 190mm

Blank---Niobium Nozzle

·  Material: Nb521

·  Size: φ75mm × 120mm


Finished Sample---Enhanced Gran Aluminum Base Composite Material 

·  Size: φ290mm × 300mm

·  Molding Time Length: 23h

·  Weight: 12kg

·  Material Utilization Rate: 35%

·  Young's Modulus: 80-90GPa

·  Strength: Higher than 500MPa


Recommended Systems